In-line mixers for injection molding or extrusion

For the majority of PET injection molding or extrusion processes the general in-line dosing principle works and mixing is unnecessary. When the plasticizing screw of the extruder or injection molding machine has a limited homogenization capability, however, it is advantageous to use an in-line mixer.

Movacolor has developed a mixer that performs a perfect job in homogenization and coating of low melting colors or additives. Your Movacolor specialist will advise you whether an in-line doser or a mixer will be the best solution for your type of plastic production process.

Motorized mixers

Movacolor has developed a range of motorized mixers for use in the most demanding applications for both injection molding and extrusion applications. The mixers, including all inner parts, are made of robust stainless steel. The compact horizontal mixer is available as single mixer or combined water-cooled neckpiece mixer.

Mixers for PET

Especially for PET applications Movacolor has developed the mixer with integrated water cooled flanges. There are two types available – a 50 mm outlet for small PET processors and a 90 mm outlet for large PET processing machines. Both types can be ordered with optional double water cooled flanges for mounting two Movacolor dosing stations.

Easy cleaning of mixers

The mixers are designed for ease of use and are easy to clean. Simply remove the 3 phase-motor with the counter rotating mixer blades and the job is done.




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